Misc Gadgets

  • TextBlade Portable Keyboard

    TextBlade Portable Keyboard

    Portable yet comfortable to use, TextBlade is the perfect companion for your touchscreen device. Extremely compact and at just 1/3 the size of an iPhone, it’s a QWERTY keyboard with… continue reading
  • Mycestro


    People waving at their computers or devices will no longer be a peculiar scenario in the very near future, mostly thanks to Mycestro. A wearable, ergonomic 3D mouse, slip Mycestro… continue reading
  • EnergyPad Inductive Charger

    EnergyPad Inductive Charger

    If you’ve ever dealt with frayed, jumbled up charging cables or lost time trying to find an outlet for your charger, then you’d love the EnergyPad Inductive Charger from FosPower.… continue reading
  • Pyro Fireshooter

    Pyro Fireshooter

    Absolutely no CGI or elaborate tricks involved here. The Pyro Fireshooter is the actual real thing – a badass professional device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open… continue reading
  • WakaWaka Power

    WakaWaka Power

    WakaWaka Power is not only a wondrous innovation but a social venture that aims to abolish energy poverty throughout the world. Made of 100% recycled PC-ABS material, it’s a portable… continue reading
  • Zeiss VR One

    Zeiss VR One

    The virtual world is truly spilling over to the real one, and Zeiss VR One is leading the way. A customized tray supports smartphones with a display size between 4.7… continue reading
  • orbiTouch


    Definitely a unique alternative to the conventional QWERTY keyboard, orbiTouch is an ergonomic keyboard and mouse in one nifty device. Compatible with a PC or a Mac, it requires no… continue reading
  • MaxStone


    The ultimate accessory for lovers of photography everywhere, MaxStone is a wireless remote that lets you control your DSLR camera through your smart phone – it allows you to trigger… continue reading
  • Everykey


    Seemingly out of a cool sci-fi film, Everykey is a wristband that utilizes military grade encryption to automatically grant access to key and password enabled devices, eliminating the need for… continue reading
  • iFetch


    iFetch is an interactive, on demand ball launcher guaranteed to give your pets endless fun. It throws a ball a variable distance when it is placed in the funnel and… continue reading