• Bluetooth Wireless Flexible Foldable Keyboard

    Bluetooth Wireless Flexible Foldable Keyboard

    If you’re still insistent on physically typing on a keyboard in this day and age of touchscreen display, then check out the iKross Wireless Keyboard. Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device,… continue reading
  • Camera Mouse

    Camera Mouse

    Everything seems to have a camera these days, even a computer mouse. The Camera Mouse is a mouse with a shutter button and a built-in 2-megapixel camera at the bottom.… continue reading
  • Snap Band With Hidden 8GB USB Flash Drive

    Snap Band With Hidden 8GB USB Flash Drive

    Popular in the 90’s, snap bands are making a comeback with a modern twist. Fun and colorful, Snap Band has a hidden 8GB USB flash drive for all you necessary… continue reading
  • Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock

    Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock

    So what if your Macbook Air only has one USB port. Fear not, for you only need one with Belkin’s Thunderbolt Express Dock. Thunderbolt technology allows you to daisy-chain up… continue reading
  • evoMouse Virtual Mouse

    evoMouse Virtual Mouse

    Technology at your fingertips – literally! Your finger becomes the pointer with evoMouse from Celluon. This evolution of the computer mouse tracks your natural hand gestures and movements to perform… continue reading
  • Porsche 911 Carrera S Mouse

    Porsche 911 Carrera S Mouse

    It may be an extremely scaled down version of a Porsche, but the 911 Carrera S Mouse is a still as cool. This fast-looking mouse features a 2.4 GHz plug… continue reading
  • SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive

    SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive

    Store and share files across multiple devices using SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Flash Drive. Compatible with any Wi-Fi enabled device, this nifty gadget creates its own wireless connection, which allows up… continue reading
  • Logitech K810 Keyboard

    Logitech K810 Keyboard

    A keyboard so versatile, you’ll want to throw away all your wired ones. The Logitech K810 is Bluetooth capable so and designed to use with your desktop, tablet or smartphone.… continue reading
  • Rugged Armor External Drive

    Rugged Armor External Drive

    Butter fingers will love backing up their data using the Rugged Armor External Drive. Covered in shock-resistant silica gel inside and out, it offers military-grade shockproof protection so you’re guaranteed… continue reading
  • Porsche Design USB Key

    Porsche Design USB Key

    A thumb drive that’s actually stylish, the Porsche Design x LaCie USB Key features a solid steel exterior that’s both compact and tough. Available in 16 and 32 gig, it… continue reading