Travel & Luggage

  • Rapide Saddlebag

    Rapide Saddlebag

    Balancing your bike while simultaneously carrying stuff may work for some people, but, honestly, why multitask like that? Rapide Saddlebag is made of full-grain naturally-tanned leather with a waxed canvas… continue reading
  • Aperture Pack

    Aperture Pack

    The best companion for the talented adventure photographer is Boreas Gear’s Aperture Pack. Built from the success of their Bootlegger Modular Pack System that allows you to swap different pack… continue reading
  • R2-D2 Rolling Suitcase

    R2-D2 Rolling Suitcase

    We know you’re not exactly C3PO accompanying R2-D2 aboard a starship, but surely a commercial aircraft should be close enough. The perfect traveling companion for the greatest Star Wars fan,… continue reading
  • Carry On Cocktail Kit

    Carry On Cocktail Kit

    Who says you’re stuck with the cheap drinks just because your traveling in coach? Complete with a recipe card and a linen coaster, you can have more than those ordinary… continue reading
  • Konas Trackable Luggage

    Konas Trackable Luggage

    We’re sure you’ve been there: silently praying the airline doesn’t lose your luggage every time you check it in, but thanks to Konas, lost or stolen bags will be a… continue reading
  • Zero Halliburton Geo Aluminum

    Zero Halliburton Geo Aluminum

    The Geo Aluminum Collection by Zero Halliburton is a gorgeous and totally secure choice when you’re in the market for top of the line hard-sided luggage. Available in thirteen different… continue reading
  • Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase

    Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase

    Seemingly from eras past, the Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase will send you back in time with its vintage design and feel. Its quality is unquestionable, as the suitcase is… continue reading
  • Mismo Wash Bag

    Mismo Wash Bag

    Toiletry bags don’t come much more luxurious than this. The Mismo Wash Bag is forged from heavy-duty plain-woven Italian canvas and nylon and features a lining of 100% pure cotton.… continue reading
  • Tumi T-Tech Cargo Cases

    Tumi T-Tech Cargo Cases

    Tumi offers a new line of tough and great-looking luggages so you can travel in style. The Tumi T-Tech Cargo Cases combine hard shell durability to protect your stuff, but… continue reading
  • Crumpled City Maps

    Crumpled City Maps

    The Crumpled City Maps are an ingenious answer to every intrepid traveler’s prayers – indestructible, lightweight and begging to be abused. Even if you do get lost, these maps are… continue reading