• The Bay Kayak

    The Bay Kayak

    Take your love for the open water from box to boat in just a few minutes with Oru Kayak’s latest offering, The Bay. Although simply held together by straps and… continue reading
  • Air Board

    Air Board

    You could say that the Air Board is sort of like a Segway… only it’s actually your own personal hovercraft! Sure to make your commute interesting if not all the… continue reading
  • Airwheel S3

    Airwheel S3

    Get around freely and in eco-friendly style with Airwheel S3, featuring different LED Atmosphere lights to give you an extraordinary riding experience. Designed for optimal function and user experience, this… continue reading
  • Quadrofoil


    The world’s first all-electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft, Quadrofoil cuts through the water’s surface at a cruising speed of up to 20 knots, flying smoothly above the waves. A sophisticated vessel… continue reading
  • Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

    Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

    So much more than an RV, the Kiravan Expedition Vehicle consists of a tractor-trailer configuration, specifically optimized for extended off-road capability as well as over-highway travel. Maximizing reliability, maintainability, survivability,… continue reading
  • SuperFighter EBR 1190SX Motorcycle

    SuperFighter EBR 1190SX Motorcycle

    Own the road with superior speed and style with the SuperFighter 1190SX from Erik Buell Racing. A true naked streetfighter-style sport motorcycle with uncompromised race-bred high performance and handling, this… continue reading