Productivity Boosting Nap Pod


NASA studies show that power napping improves concentration by a whopping 34%. Facts are facts, that’s why more and more companies throughout the globe are embracing the concept of power napping. If you want to maximize that 20 minutes of siesta, you’ll need the proper equipment-a computer chair or a makeshift bed won’t do and will just waste those precious minutes. Hammacher Schlemmer’s Productivity-Boosting Nap Pod is the perfect nap buddy. The Nap Pod is a contoured and cushioned bed that provides a relaxing and efficient sleeping experience and promotes blood circulation, while the spherical dome allows for a more peaceful and private nap. It features a timer that can be programmed to prevent you from oversleeping as well as a built-in 200-watt Bose speaker that can play ambient rhythms to eliminate distracting noises around you. And upon returning from your brief slumber, you won’t feel much grogginess due to the slowly brightening light and vibration that are used to wake you up. Now get back to work.