• Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    If you’re like us you’re a sucker for breakfast sandwiches. That’s why we think this Breakfast Sandwich Maker is one of the best inventions ever. Seriously, all you have to… continue reading
  • Vision Toaster

    Vision Toaster

    The Magimix Vision Toaster takes the guesswork out of browning your favorite slices of carbs. The removable see-through glass sides lets you see cooking process so you can say goodbye… continue reading
  • 3-Minute Popcorn Maker

    3-Minute Popcorn Maker

    As much as we all love movie night, no one wants to wait around making popcorn. That’s why there’s the 3-Minute Popcorn Maker. With theatre quality air-popped popcorn and no… continue reading
  • Coca-Cola Hot Dog Toaster

    Coca-Cola Hot Dog Toaster

    This all-in-one Hot Dog Toaster by Coca-Cola is a great new kitchen appliance that takes the mess out of cooking America’s favorite food. With the ability to cook two hot… continue reading
  • Panasonic NC-ZF1V Coffee Maker

    Panasonic NC-ZF1V Coffee Maker

    Boasting of an aroma selector that will more than just tickle the senses, the NC-ZF1V Coffee Maker is made for true-blue caffeine connoisseurs. And thanks to the fine stainless steel… continue reading
  • HG One Grinder

    HG One Grinder

    Why spend cash at a cafe when you can make good coffee on your own? For an excellent cup of joe, you’ll obviously need fine beans. What’s often overlooked, though,… continue reading