Art & Decor

  • Cinnibird Spice Pen

    Cinnibird Spice Pen

    Add a more personal touch to your kitchen creations with the Cinnibird Spice Pen. The first and only kitchen gadget to make creative messages and drawings with all-natural ground materials,… continue reading
  • Skull Lamp

    Skull Lamp

    Fascinatingly bold and definitely unique, this Skull Lamp by Nir Chehanowski endeavors to alter our perception of everyday objects. Made of Birchwood plywood and acrylic glass, this LED lamp is… continue reading
  • Melting Clock

    Melting Clock

    The Melting Clock is something seemingly right out of Salvador Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory.’ It’s perfectly balanced to hang securely off any flat surface, therefore creating a visual melting… continue reading
  • Doctor Who Wall Clock

    Doctor Who Wall Clock

    From William Hartnell to Peter Capaldi, do you know all of the Doctor’s 12 incarnations? Perhaps this Doctor Who Wall Clock could give you a helping hand. Available in natural… continue reading
  • Water Wall Clock

    Water Wall Clock

    Save on batteries while adding an eco-friendly touch to your home with the Water Wall Clock from Bedol. Powered by ordinary tap water, just fill it up and the clock… continue reading
  • Electric Fireplace Heater

    Electric Fireplace Heater

    Don’t let cabin fever get you down during this freezing winter season with Golden Vantage’s Electric Fireplace Heater. Convenient and safe to use, simply mount it on your wall and… continue reading