Auto Add-Ons

  • Otium SoftRack

    Otium SoftRack

    No matter the adventure, not matter the load, you’ve never seen a roof rack as versatile as the Otium SoftRack. It combines EPP closed-cell foam with waterproof canvas and reinforced… continue reading
  • Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

    Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

    We may not be in the era of flying cars or hoverboards (yet!) but this Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger is one step closer to feeling like Marty McFly (minus… continue reading
  • Boatpack


    A vehicle roof box that moonlights as a boat whenever you need water transportation – who’d have thunk it? Well, the bright fellows from BoatPack are the ones that came… continue reading
  • TYLT Band Car Charger

    TYLT Band Car Charger

    Two feet of cable that ensures your gadgets will never run out of steam again. The TYLT Band Car Charger will connect to just about any device on Earth and… continue reading
  • VWERKS Red Jacket Jeep

    VWERKS Red Jacket Jeep

    Behold the VWERKS Red Jacket Jeep. It features ridiculously big tires and enough lift  to sheer excess that you could practically limbo dance underneath it. This ruby-red Rubicon will attract… continue reading
  • Handpresso Auto

    Handpresso Auto

    The Handpresso Auto can brew a shot of espresso with a press of a button from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Simply plug the Handpresso Auto to a 12V… continue reading