• Bottle Opener Sunglasses

    Bottle Opener Sunglasses

    The Bottle Opener Sunglasses from Brewsees Eyewear address two necessities for the beach: shades and beer. This line of eyewear cum bottle opener sports a lightweight, yet durable front frame… continue reading
  • Tens Sunglasses with Filter

    Tens Sunglasses with Filter

    Why limit cool filters to Instagram and other similar apps when you could have it in real life? The even more perfect accessory for the summer, Tens Sunglasses has a… continue reading
  • Electric Detroit XL

    Electric Detroit XL

    The Detroit XL by Electric is, simply put, a timeless pair of sunglasses. Style greats have been wearing this particularly classic and iconic frame since the 60’s, and it hasn’t… continue reading
  • Shauns Jura

    Shauns Jura

    The aviator style frames have become an iconic American symbol of cool, so it’s no wonder California-based eyewear designer, Shauns was inspired to create one with their one twist. Made… continue reading
  • Frameri


    When it comes to sunnies, we partial to interchangeable lenses since we get more bang for our buck. That’s why we’re really digging Frameri. The brand stretches your dollar by… continue reading
  • Shwood Sunglasses

    Shwood Sunglasses

    In search for a unique pair of shades? All models of Shwood Sunglasses are handcrafted with hardwood frames like rosewood, oak and even zebrawood, and equipped with 100% UVA/UVB protection… continue reading