• House of Marley Soul Rebel Midnight

    House of Marley Soul Rebel Midnight

    The house of Marley Soul Rebel Midnight on-ear headphones will have you ‘Jammin’ without the annoying feel of ear bud headphones that fall out every time you move. In a… continue reading
  • LSTN Troubadours

    LSTN Troubadours

    These glorious cans sport luscious ear cups for comfortable long-term wear and a reclaimed maple wood casing. There are also gold-plated plugs, an in-line mic and adjustable nylon cables. The… continue reading
  • Griffin WoodTones

    Griffin WoodTones

    Good wood leads to good music. And that’s exactly what Griffin WoodTones Headphones provide to music buffs and audiophiles. Featuring one-of-a-kind hand-turned wood (you can choose from the following base… continue reading
  • Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones

    Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones

    You know what one of the biggest banes in the world are? Tangled headphone wires. We’ve all had the displeasure of dealing with these. This problem often leads you to… continue reading
  • House of Marley Riddim Headphones

    House of Marley Riddim Headphones

    If you like jammin’ too, you’ll definitely show some love to the House of Marley Riddim Headphones. Boasting of the Marley “Signature” Sound, the Riddim Headphones are capable of producing… continue reading
  • B&O Play H Series Headphones

    B&O Play H Series Headphones

    The first headphone release from the legendary audio masters in well over a decade, the B&O Play Series Headphones are available in two ranges. The H6 is finished with New… continue reading