• Petronics Mousr

    Petronics Mousr

    An endless way to keep your feline friend entertained, Mousr by PetronicsĀ is a fully autonomous mouse for your cat. Select from three pre-programmed play styles when you’re feeling lazy… continue reading
  • Whistle Activity Monitor

    Whistle Activity Monitor

    Health and fitness are for everyone, even man’s best friend. The Whistle Activity Monitor follows your pup’s daily activities and progress, making sure they’re getting enough exercise, playtime and rest.… continue reading
  • Fishscape Fish Bowl

    Fishscape Fish Bowl

    The Fishscape Fish Bowl is a wonder in hand-blown glass that gives the impression of a cresting wave. Calm yourself as you watch your betta or goldfish swim along its… continue reading
  • Pod Cat Beds

    Pod Cat Beds

    Even Grumpy Cat would cheer up in this Pod Cat Bed. With ‘mountaintop cave’ security, this feline sanctum sanctorum promises to be a secure and stylish sleeping area for even… continue reading
  • Ultra-Plush Pet Beds

    Ultra-Plush Pet Beds

    Easily one of the most comfortable pet beds we’ve seen, the Ultra-Plush Pet Bed provides your pooch a perfect place to hang. Made of durable 100% polyester chenille, I repeat,… continue reading
  • Whistle


    You can’t have your sights set on your dog all the time. But with, the Whistle Activity Monitor, you can have eyes on your furry pal 24/7, wherever you may… continue reading