• Stryd


    Stryd is the world’s first wearable power meter. It allows you to find and fix your inefficiencies so you could run faster with less effort. Change the way you train… continue reading
  • Maven Binoculars

    Maven Binoculars

    The sharpest eyes in the wilderness – that’s what Maven gives you with their stock optics line that stacks up with the most celebrated and expensive binoculars in the world.… continue reading
  • Ride On Golf Cart Scooter

    Ride On Golf Cart Scooter

    The sole reign of the golf cart may be coming to an end with the Ride On Golf Cart Scooter. Navigating the green with ease, the scooter has two 400-watt… continue reading
  • Night Sports LED Golf Ball

    Night Sports LED Golf Ball

    Don’t let poor visibility conditions on the green affect your scorecard. The Night Sports LED Golf Ball lights up on impact and re-triggers with each hit for 8 minutes, allowing… continue reading
  • FishHunter


    Fishing aficionados, we have found the perfect buddy to bring on your next fishing expedition. A small, floating fish finding device, the FishHunter can be linked to your smartphone via… continue reading
  • Indigo 180-Degree Visor

    Indigo 180-Degree Visor

    The first of its kind, Indigo’s 180-Degree Visor makes your time at the slopes all the more awesome. This detachable visor can be worn over any snow sports helmet, giving… continue reading