• One Wheel Motorcycle

    One Wheel Motorcycle

    It may like something out of a sci-fi movie, but we assure you, it’s real. A transitional vehicle that brings people together, the Ryno is a one-wheeled, electric-powered machine that… continue reading
  • The Bergmonch Bike

    The Bergmonch Bike

    Bergmönch is German for “Mountain Monk” — you carry the bike up the mountain and then ride it down kneeling for the descent like a monk. Mountaineering revolutionized, the Bergmönch… continue reading
  • Trikke EV Personal Transporter Scooter

    Trikke EV Personal Transporter Scooter

    These days, it’s all about reducing our carbon footprint and what better way to do this than with the Trikke EV Personal Transporter Scooter. A long range, high torque three-wheel… continue reading
  • Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike

    Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike

    A step-up from the conventional bicycle, the E-Flyer Electric Bike from Icon is a comfortable yet environment-friendly alternative to get around town. Each electric bicycle is handmade in California and… continue reading
  • Go Kart ScooterX

    Go Kart ScooterX

    The Go Kart ScooterX with 163cc. 6.5 hp engine has speeds that go up to 40mph, a hand-brake and throttle, four stroke engine with automatic clutch, and, rear-disk brakes. If… continue reading
  • Seven Person Tricycle

    Seven Person Tricycle

    What do you give someone who has it all? A Seven Person Tricycle, of course. This ride can easily accommodate seven adults during joyrides. Each seat has a designated set… continue reading