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  • Ray Super Remote

    Ray Super Remote

    Just when you thought your universal remote was enough, here comes Ray Super Remote to blow everyone out of the water. The remote to usher you into the future, it… continue reading
  • Singleclue


    They may be called smart, but you are definitely smarter, so why be enslaved by your numerous gadgets when you could easily be the master of them all? Singlecue, a… continue reading
  • Maven Home Theater PC

    Maven Home Theater PC

    Attention gamers and PC, audio, and video enthusiasts: we have found your new best friend. Designed to lift your living room entertainment experience to a whole new level, Powerful and… continue reading
  • Vuzix Wrap 1200DX HDMI Video Glasses

    Vuzix Wrap 1200DX HDMI Video Glasses

    View your blockbusters or favorite video games anytime with these HD Video Glasses from Vuzix. Perfect for anyone on the go, these glasses connect to virtually any HDMI-compliant video source,… continue reading
  • Lightpack


    Go beyond your ordinary home theater experience with Lightpack – a content-driven lighting system for your TV or desktop display. Easy to install and even easier to use, it features… continue reading
  • Sony S5100 Blu-ray Player

    Sony S5100 Blu-ray Player

    A beautifully imaginative design, the Sony S5100 Blu-Ray Player not only looks like something sent back from the future, but performs like it too. Features include 2D to 3D conversion,… continue reading