• WaveKat P70

    WaveKat P70

    An awesome fusion of a jet ski and a catamaran, the WaveKat 70 pushes your water driving experience to a whole new level. You don’t even need any sort of… continue reading
  • The Bay Kayak

    The Bay Kayak

    Take your love for the open water from box to boat in just a few minutes with Oru Kayak’s latest offering, The Bay. Although simply held together by straps and… continue reading
  • Quadrofoil


    The world’s first all-electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft, Quadrofoil cuts through the water’s surface at a cruising speed of up to 20 knots, flying smoothly above the waves. A sophisticated vessel… continue reading
  • Sealander Swimming Caravan

    Sealander Swimming Caravan

    Sure the One Percent have their yachts, but they can’t bring those on land, can they? Dubbed as “The Swimming Caravan,” Sealander is exactly that ñ a caravan with amphibian… continue reading
  • Mokai Motorized Kayak

    Mokai Motorized Kayak

    Traversing upstream or reaching shallow areas can be a challenge for a run-of-the-mill kayak, but not for the Mokai Motorized Kayak. It can even run over just 6 inches of… continue reading
  • Marinekart


    As lightweight as it is durable, the Marinekart is constructed from materials usually reserved for the hulls of sailboats. Can hold up to four people and yet weighs so little… continue reading