Writing Instrument

  • Yoropen Z3

    Yoropen Z3

    Keyboards and touchscreen might have become second nature to most of us, but writing the old-fashioned way will never go out of style so why not write using the best… continue reading
  • Hemingwrite


    When writer’s block seems insurmountable, and with the Internet definitely not helping, turn your sights to Hemingwrite – the modern incarnation of the beloved typewriter, minus the distractions. Rugged yet… continue reading
  • Instant Transmitting Paper To iPad Pen

    Instant Transmitting Paper To iPad Pen

    Old school marries digital with The Instant Transmitting Paper To iPad Pen from Hammacher Schlemmer. A pen that digitizes handwriting to instantly transmit notes or artwork from paper to your… continue reading
  • DotPen


    Chuck your generic finger-size stylus and upgrade to one that will redefine drawing and writing on tablets and smarphones alike. Made of CNC-machined anodized aluminum alloy with a durable soft-touch… continue reading
  • Inkless Metal Pen

    Inkless Metal Pen

    Say goodbye to smudges, blots, leaking and ink refills! The Inkless Metal Pen features a special alloy tip that deposits tiny amounts of metal on your writing surface. No sharpening… continue reading
  • Midori Pens

    Midori Pens

    There is little that can be said about a Midori Pen that you won’t immediately discover for yourself when holding one. A perfect balance of understated class, sophistication, and functionality,… continue reading