Urwerk UR-110 PTH


The future of fine watchmaking-that’s how Urwerk prides itself. The Urwerk UR-110 PTH is a testament to that very statement. With its blackened bezel (sand-blasted for a smooth matte finish) and fiery red detailing, the UR-110 PTH is most definitely both striking and remarkable. But what’s really distinctive about Urwerk’s watches is the architecture of the dials. The dial of the UR-110 PTH in particular (all UR-110 series utilizes the same dial structure) boasts of a revolving satellite complication that contains three main elements: a central carousel that provides the mechanism with stability and equilibrium, three counter-rotating hour modules, and planetary gearing that assures the parallel rotation of three hour satellites as they orbit the dial. If Urwerk’s timepieces are the future of fine watchmaking, then the future looks stunning.