• Trefecta DRT

    Trefecta DRT

    Impressive design, excellent power, and superior function are all in the Trefecta DRT multi-purposed e-Bike. Foldable with a tough aluminum frame providing protection from all the elements, Trefecta utilizes human… continue reading
  • Koenigsegg Regera

    Koenigsegg Regera

    Regera, Swedish for “to reign,” is an absolute vision of supremacy showcasing power, responsiveness and luxury all in one stunning yet comparatively light package. One of its many impressive features… continue reading
  • Airboard


    Squeeze in one last hurrah on the snowy mountaintops before spring is officially upon us with Airboard – the inflatable sledge for the sporty rider. Sturdy, fast and easy to… continue reading
  • Renovo Coupe

    Renovo Coupe

    An all-electric vehicle packaged in a gorgeous body is Renovo Coupe – the first all-electric American supercar. A limited series production, three separate high voltage lithium ion battery packs fast… continue reading
  • The Bay Kayak

    The Bay Kayak

    Take your love for the open water from box to boat in just a few minutes with Oru Kayak’s latest offering, The Bay. Although simply held together by straps and… continue reading
  • Air Board

    Air Board

    You could say that the Air Board is sort of like a Segway… only it’s actually your own personal hovercraft! Sure to make your commute interesting if not all the… continue reading
  • Airwheel S3

    Airwheel S3

    Get around freely and in eco-friendly style with Airwheel S3, featuring different LED Atmosphere lights to give you an extraordinary riding experience. Designed for optimal function and user experience, this… continue reading
  • Quadrofoil


    The world’s first all-electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft, Quadrofoil cuts through the water’s surface at a cruising speed of up to 20 knots, flying smoothly above the waves. A sophisticated vessel… continue reading
  • Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

    Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

    So much more than an RV, the Kiravan Expedition Vehicle consists of a tractor-trailer configuration, specifically optimized for extended off-road capability as well as over-highway travel. Maximizing reliability, maintainability, survivability,… continue reading
  • SuperFighter EBR 1190SX Motorcycle

    SuperFighter EBR 1190SX Motorcycle

    Own the road with superior speed and style with the SuperFighter 1190SX from Erik Buell Racing. A true naked streetfighter-style sport motorcycle with uncompromised race-bred high performance and handling, this… continue reading