• Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

    Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

    Coming from someone who’s gone through disastrous attempts at achieving the perfect soft-boiled egg, the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is a godsend. Hard, medium or soft boiled eggs, even poached… continue reading
  • Pizza Box Oven

    Pizza Box Oven

    When you see a pizza box, you don’t really expect it to also be an oven, but in the case of the Pizza Box Oven, the pizza box is an… continue reading
  • Stirio


    We say to you: You’ve dumped your last burnt pot of dinner! Unikia’s Stirio is a hands-free stirrer that stirs your food so nothing gets burned ever again. A multitasker’s… continue reading
  • Rubik ‘s Cube Fridge

    Rubik ‘s Cube Fridge

    While the Rubik ‘s Cube Fridge looks exactly just like the Rubik ‘s Cube, the colors don ‘t actually turn (sorry!). This awesome appliance features a warm or cold setting… continue reading
  • Darth Vader Toaster

    Darth Vader Toaster

    The dark side of your toast doesn’t need to be a bad thing, but if you’re in a galaxy far, far away… maybe not. Not only is the Darth Vader… continue reading
  • Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    If you’re like us you’re a sucker for breakfast sandwiches. That’s why we think this Breakfast Sandwich Maker is one of the best inventions ever. Seriously, all you have to… continue reading
  • Vision Toaster

    Vision Toaster

    The Magimix Vision Toaster takes the guesswork out of browning your favorite slices of carbs. The removable see-through glass sides lets you see cooking process so you can say goodbye… continue reading
  • 3-Minute Popcorn Maker

    3-Minute Popcorn Maker

    As much as we all love movie night, no one wants to wait around making popcorn. That’s why there’s the 3-Minute Popcorn Maker. With theatre quality air-popped popcorn and no… continue reading
  • Coca-Cola Hot Dog Toaster

    Coca-Cola Hot Dog Toaster

    This all-in-one Hot Dog Toaster by Coca-Cola is a great new kitchen appliance that takes the mess out of cooking America’s favorite food. With the ability to cook two hot… continue reading
  • Panasonic NC-ZF1V Coffee Maker

    Panasonic NC-ZF1V Coffee Maker

    Boasting of an aroma selector that will more than just tickle the senses, the NC-ZF1V Coffee Maker is made for true-blue caffeine connoisseurs. And thanks to the fine stainless steel… continue reading