• Sidewinding Circular Skates

    Sidewinding Circular Skates

    Seeing these Sidewing Circular Skates in action is like watching something out of a Back To The Future movie, except they’re here and they’re real! These disk-shaped skates are propelled… continue reading
  • Alter Ego Water Filtration Duo

    Alter Ego Water Filtration Duo

    Nobody wants potential contaminants or parasites to dampen your epic expedition into the great outdoors, and what better way to ensure your drinking water’s safe than with the Alter Ego,… continue reading
  • Sebenza Knife

    Sebenza Knife

    Well-designed and brilliantly crafted, the Sebenza Knife was made to tolerances higher than the aerospace industry. Designed and developed by knife making legend Chris Reeve, it features the S35VN steel… continue reading
  • Hiro Action Sports Drone

    Hiro Action Sports Drone

    Originally designed for search-and-rescue and aerial recon, the Hiro Action Sports Drone is in a class all on its own. Famous for its fire, water and impact-proof airframe, this completely… continue reading
  • Folding Entrenching Tool

    Folding Entrenching Tool

    Shoveling need not be such a daunting task with this Foldable Entrenching Tool from Gerber Blades. This E-Tool features a powder-coated carbon steel shovel head, a serrated blade edge and… continue reading
  • Ranger Bands

    Ranger Bands

    Designed specifically for outdoor use and urban improvisation, Ranger bands are field grade rubber bands made out of double-thick EPDM Rubber for outstanding heat, UV, and saltwater resistance. The toughest… continue reading
  • Digital Recording Binoculars

    Digital Recording Binoculars

    Don’t let great distance hinder your enjoyment of anything you’ve set your sights on. The DEV-50V/B Digital Recording Binoculars from Sony zooms seamlessly from 0.8x to 25x magnification with its… continue reading
  • Picnic Suitcase

    Picnic Suitcase

    Do picnics like a boss with the Picnic Suitcase from Opulent Items. Exactly as its name denotes, it’s a suitcase that turns into a full blown picnic table, complete with… continue reading
  • TruArc 20 Compass

    TruArc 20 Compass

    Navigate your way around the world fully confident you’ll never get lost thanks to Buntun’s TruArc 20 Compass. The modified grandchild of the original 8099, it features a global needle… continue reading
  • Maven Binoculars

    Maven Binoculars

    The sharpest eyes in the wilderness – that’s what Maven gives you with their stock optics line that stacks up with the most celebrated and expensive binoculars in the world.… continue reading