• Cyntur JumperPack Mini

    Cyntur JumperPack Mini

    Your car battery dying out on you in the middle of nowhere (or anywhere, really), need not be a cause of despair. The Cyntur Jumperpack Mini has a 12,000mAh Li-Ion… continue reading
  • Pickpocket Bottle Opener

    Pickpocket Bottle Opener

    You never know when you’d encounter a bottle emergency (dehydration might be at your door!), so better to be prepared by having a Pickpocket Bottle Opener with you at all… continue reading
  • Keybiner


    Since we already use a keychain at all times, why not transform it into something more? The folks behind the Keybiner transformed that great idea into reality – giving us… continue reading
  • Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

    Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

    For those of us who’ve gone through a multitude of frayed charging cables and whatnots that simply insist on falling apart, the Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder is truly a godsend.… continue reading
  • Multi-Mission Axe

    Multi-Mission Axe

    From Outland Equipment, maker of tools for the benefit of law enforcement and armed forces, comes the Multi-Mission Axe – the tool that can be of use every day on… continue reading
  • Folding Entrenching Tool

    Folding Entrenching Tool

    Shoveling need not be such a daunting task with this Foldable Entrenching Tool from Gerber Blades. This E-Tool features a powder-coated carbon steel shovel head, a serrated blade edge and… continue reading
  • Tiny Monster Flashlight

    Tiny Monster Flashlight

    The world’s smallest and lightest 3800 lumens flashlight is aptly named the “Tiny Monster” Flashlight from Nightcore. Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy, it produces blinding white light care of… continue reading
  • Bosse Shovels

    Bosse Shovels

    The folks at Bosse has the shovel for any type of work you can imagine – from digging to leveling surfaces or transferring large loads or clearing areas. These Bosse… continue reading
  • Toolbox Fridge

    Toolbox Fridge

    The ultimate handyman still has to have his pleasures, doesn’t he? What appears to be a common tool chest that won’t stand out in your shed or garage is actually… continue reading
  • Tool Pen

    Tool Pen

    Thanks to the genius of the guys at Mininch, your everyday tools are now all in one easy, convenient, and portable place. Functional and flexible, the Tool Pen is an… continue reading