• BSXinsight


    Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, or into multiple sports altogether, there’s a BSXinsight for you. Using revolutionary technology, BSXinsight allows you to see inside your muscle, measuring your lactate… continue reading
  • Shavette Straight Razor

    Shavette Straight Razor

    Definitely a worthy call out to the lost art of shaving from the olden times, Dovo’s Shavette Straight Razor challenges your skills when dispatching of your manly stubble. A great… continue reading
  • Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush

    Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush

    If you’ve ever stressed over the precise amount of care that you’ve been giving your pearly whites, then Oral-B’s Pro 5000 SmartSeries Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush is the right choice for… continue reading
  • Amron Rinser

    Amron Rinser

    If you thought there can’t possibly be a more convenient process of brushing your teeth – think again. You no longer need cups by the sink; the Amron Rinser turns… continue reading
  • Portable Universal Gym

    Portable Universal Gym

    It’s easy to fall out of the fitness wagon when you travel, but that’s not an issue the Portable Universal Gym from Journey Gym. The size of a typical briefcase,… continue reading
  • Aquabilt Swimming Pool Treadmill

    Aquabilt Swimming Pool Treadmill

    Knee or leg injuries could easily put us off running in general, but you won’t have to worry about those with the Aquabilt Swimming Pool Treadmill. Water is gentler on… continue reading