• Empire Bacon Mayonnaise

    Empire Bacon Mayonnaise

    Like your pork? Like your spreads? Then Empire Bacon Mayonnaise is just the ticket. Made from the finest ingredients including Heritage Smoked bacon, it’s the ultimate finishing touch to any… continue reading
  • Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bars

    Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bars

    When out in the wilderness, it’s best to be well prepared. Pack a fewDatrex 3600 Emergency Food Bars in you’re survival gear and you’re sure to have adequate nourishment in… continue reading
  • JerkyTracks


    Step out of your mundane snack routine and indulge in some bourbon flavored JerkyTracks. Made from lean cuts of bison, deer and turkey meat, this tasty snack feature a unique… continue reading
  • Bacon Olive Oil

    Bacon Olive Oil

    Bacon lovers have something new to cheer about. The Bacon Olive Oil has the best taste of bacon found in EVOO. The Bacon Olive Oil is the perfect condiment to… continue reading
  • Krave Jerky

    Krave Jerky

    You’ll be a gourmet cowboy with a line of the exotically flavored beef and turkey jerky from Krave. Krave Jerky comes in basil citrus, chili lime, garlic chili pepper, lemon… continue reading
  • Sriracha Chicken Wings

    Sriracha Chicken Wings

    Sriracha Chicken Wings is a delicious and spicy recipe that combines the fragrant and aromatic flavors of garlic and ginger, rice vinegar, and the mouth-watering zing of Sriracha. One thing… continue reading