• Knight Pen Holder

    Knight Pen Holder

    You know what they say: the pen is mightier than the sword – even this knight agrees! This Knight Pen Holder from ThinkGeek indeed comes with a pen rather than… continue reading
  • Magnetic Paper

    Magnetic Paper

    Magnetic Paper from Tesla Amazing isn’t really paper and doesn’t actually use magnets but stable static charge, allowing them stick to any dry surface including wood, plastic, metal, leather, glass,… continue reading
  • Eero Wi-Fi System

    Eero Wi-Fi System

    In this day and age where everything from your phone to your coffee maker has wireless connectivity, a WiFi dead zone truly feels like that – a zone of (technological)… continue reading
  • Crocodile Bookends

    Crocodile Bookends

    Nothing says well-read eccentric than these Crocodile Bookends from Sea Life. Definitely a unique way to show off your array of books, these novelty bookends have great detailing from tail… continue reading
  • Oneless Desk

    Oneless Desk

    Don’t let your computer table be another bland piece in your office. The Oneless Desk breathes in a fresh breath of style, organization and ergonomics into your workspace with its… continue reading
  • Keewifi Router

    Keewifi Router

    Setting up routers could be pretty daunting for the technologically-challenged, but the Keewifi Router aims to put your Wi-Fi anxieties to rest with its easy configuration. Simply plug it in… continue reading