• Dragon Stapler

    Dragon Stapler

    Chuck your boring beige stapler and upgrade to a Dragon Stapler. One of the coolest desk accessory you’ll own, it’ll secure your TPS reports together like none other. Careful though,… continue reading
  • Brilliant Ideas I had While Stoned Notebooks

    Brilliant Ideas I had While Stoned Notebooks

    You probably don’t remember those blow-your-mind ideas you had the last time you were stoned. That’s why you need the Brilliant Ideas I had While Stoned Notebook. If nothing else,… continue reading
  • .50 Caliber Pen Holder

    .50 Caliber Pen Holder

    Let’s face it, we’re all under the gun in some form or another at work. This .50 Caliber Pen Holder will add a little humor to help endure the pressure… continue reading
  • Prepetual Calendar

    Prepetual Calendar

    If it’s not a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, Why buy a calendar every year when you can make use of just one, no matter what year it is? The inventive… continue reading
  • Tactical Fountain Pen

    Tactical Fountain Pen

    The Tactical Fountain Pen provides a more literal definition to the old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Well, the Tactical Fountain Pen may not be “mightier”, but… continue reading
  • Jac Zagoory Staple Removers

    Jac Zagoory Staple Removers

    A favorite in the 21 Gents Office, the Jac Zagoory Staple Removers are nearly as tough as the beasts whose heads upon which they are based. Tear apart that metal… continue reading